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Flags of the Faith - New Year's Peace FlagFlags of the Faith was started in 1991 by Rev. Don Davidson, Overland Park, Kansas. On Easter Sunday in 1990, as he was driving to his own church for the morning services, he noticed how one particular church was celebrating Easter: it had three crosses in their yard with balloons flying from the taller, center one. This caused him to wonder what his church could do that would be different but still eye-catching. When he drove into his church parking lot that morning and saw the flag pole, the idea hit him, “Why not create a flag that proclaims the resurrection.”


And that's how Flags of the Faith was born. The first flag created was the Easter flag. A black flag is raised to half staff on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday to symbolize the death of Jesus Christ. Then on Easter morning, the black flag is removed and the resurrection flag is raised proclaiming, “He Is Risen.”


Within the year seven more flags were designed to commemorate various seasons of the year. Currently, there are a total of six flags that are designed to be flown at separate times during the year from New Year's to Christmas. Each flag makes a statement and hopefully, causes the viewer to reflect upon that statement.


While Davidson envisioned the flags to be flown on church flagpoles, he soon discovered that the flags were being ordered by businesses, Christian schools and even private individuals to display at their home. He also learned that some were going to be used indoors as banners.

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